Analysis applies to both earlier and later phases of a project effort and is usually considerably different depending on the project stage. Using a waterfall model for reference, analysis is first performed both in the Requirements and Design phases and later in the Validation and Maintenance phases.

Analysis prior to the Implementation phase

Analysis is used early in a design process, when developing initial requirements. Analysis is performed when defining and refining the requirements for a design. Tradeoff decisions are reached based on analysis of different avenues.

Given performance requirements, analysis is used to determine derived hardware and software requirements for system implementation.

In some cases, new algorithms key to a system's implementation must be defined in an early stage. An example of this kind of analysis is an allocation scheme developed by DT Software Engineering and modeled using Mathematica prior to implementation.

Analysis in Validation and Maintenance phases

Analysis techniques can be useful in latter stages of a system's development cycle in, e.g.

  • Determining whether or not a system meets performance requirements.
  • Isolating performance and other problems.