Word processors and spreadsheets are ubiquitous in the business environment and exemplify flexible and useful tools. In addition to these, many businesses employ other applications tailored to specific needs. DT Software Engineering can develop applications for your business that

  • Do exactly what you need and
  • Integrate with the environment you already have.

Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, & Other Suites

Most businesses use Microsoft Office or some other suite in their daily operations. Other business applications, including custom applications, need to be able to share data with these suites, to leverage their power and existing user familiarity. This can be accomplished with cut-and-paste compatibility or extending the suite's features using, for example, VSTO.

If your business uses QuickBooks, your custom application can integrate with it, sharing customer lists, creating invoices, or executing other QuickBooks functions.

Web Based Applications

Business applications are increasingly web-based, using a web browser to access the user interface and are the core of so-called enterprise software. You don't need an in-house IT staff to put this technology to work for your business.